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Jazz Corner




Lou Lanza delivers outstanding Billy Joel jazz homage on new album
(Published: February 24, 2018)

Billy Joel is certainly one of the most acclaimed and successful singer/songwriters of his generation. With his witty lyricism and charming melodies, he was able to conquer the hearts and ears of millions of listeners, and he is still going strong, playing sold out shows to his massive fan base.

Lou Lanza set out to pay homage to the ongoing legacy of this talented artist by releasing a new album titled Scenes from an Italian: The Billy Joel Project. It is outstanding, a labor of love delivered with warmth and creativity.

This collection of ten songs feature stunning original renditions of some of Billy Joel's most successful singles, while also exploring some of the artist's underrated gems. The tracks are particularly powerful and visionary, due to their soft, classy and mellow tone, inspired by modern jazz. Lanza interprets these tracks masterfully, while retaining his own imprint.




""Opening Doors" added new fans to The Doors music and Lou Lanza made it happen with his groundbreaking cd paying tribute to The Doors...You have never heard Doors music this way before...A great cd."
- Jim Stone, Jazz DJ at WLNZ, Lansing, MI


"No one could do a better jazz vocal album of Doors songs than Lou Lanza."
- Paul Olsen - allaboutjazz.com


"Far superior to Kurt Elling, Michael Buble, Peter Cincotti, and Jamie Cullum, already finds himself, in spite of the difference in age, at the same level of expressiveness of Mark Murphy, Al Jarreau, and Andy Bey."
- Arnaldo DeSouteiro - Tribuna da Imprensa



Top male jazz vocalist of 2004 in the reader's poll of Rio de Janeiro's Tribuna da Imprensa:


  1. Lou Lanza ("opening doors/a jazz tribute to The Doors" - Cexton);
  2. Tony Bennett;
  3. Al Jarreau


The results of the 24th Annual Jazz Poll article published on December 30, 2003 in the Brazilian newspaper Tribuna da Imprensa ("Press Tribune"). Cantor (Singer):

  1. Tony Bennett ("Wonderful world/Live in San Francisco" - Sony DVD)
  2. Mark Murphy
  3. Kurt Elling
  4. Lou Lanza
  5. Grady Tate


"There is an intensity to his singing that is unique, upbeat and hip; his musicianship is extraordinary."
- Donald True Van Deusen, Philadelphia Inquirer



"Lou, you are great! Keep on singing!"
- Tony Bennett, Legendary Vocalist & Recording Artist


"Most impressed...This handsome young man proved himself a winner, showing a deft knowledge of his material,...a welcome breath of fresh air."
- John Hogland, Backstage



"The young singer successfully fused the crooning & vulnerability of Mel Torme and a young Chet Baker with the risk taking vocalese and scatting of Mark Murphy and Jon Hendricks."
- Alex Henderson, All-Music Guide



"Fine, Young-tude, light baritone sound...a voice that uses a perfect scale, control...Lou Lanza - remember that name."
- Mark Murphy, Legendary Jazz Vocalist, Recording Artist & Educator


"There is an intensity to his singing that is unique, upbeat and hip; his musicianship is extraordinary"
- Donald True Van Deusen, The Philadelphia Inquirer


"Falls squarely between Tony Bennett and Bob Dorough. He switches effortlessly between classic ballads, vocalese, and high velocity scatting."
- Phillyjazz.org



"Lou Lanza, Philly's ultimate crooner, has proven he belongs with the crème de la crème of the Phill jazz scene, or any jazz scene for that matter"
- JD Walter, Vocalist, Recording Artist & Educator


"Lou Lanza has come along with a voice to be reckoned with."
- Jack Lebo, Dancing USA's "Big Band Report"



"He would go down a treat if you happened into a bar or nightclub at which he was performing...he has an airy melodic charm...quality material."
- Bruce Crowther, Jazz Journal International



"Excels at the difficult style called vocals...uses his voice as a musical instrument...a master at the lost art of scat singing."
- Anthony DiFlorio, Italian Tribune



"Lou is very talented, and great to listen to"
- Henry Mancini, Legendary and Award Winning Composer


"Lanza's spontaneous phrasing is reminiscent of instrumentalists, he uses dynamics as another means of expression."
- Abbe Klebanoff, Northeast Times



"Over the years I've worked with many singers, Lou is one of the best!"
- Jimmy Bruno, Guitarist/Concord Jazz Recording Artist



"A wonderful voice - capable of many different styles, an excellent musician, both instinctive and well trained."
- Michael Leonard, Composer ( Broadway & Film )/Arranger ( Bill Evans )



"Lou is unerringly hip, and has an unfailing sense of swing."
- Peter Nero


"Your CD...it's terrific. You sound great...I think your writing is very impressive as well."
- Bill Mays, Pianist/Arranger ( Al Jarreau, Sarah Vauhan, Mark Murphy )



"Lanza more than holds his own on "the road not taken" With guitarist Jimmy Bruno, and tenorman Larry McKenna." "
- Bob Perkins, Welcomat


"Lou, with a voice like yours I should be jealous, but with your personality who could be."

- Allan Harris, Vocalist/Mons Recording Artist



"Showed promise on his debut album,...had no problem swinging in a horn-like fashion at a brisk tempo...the road not taken is pleasing and enjoyable."
- Alex Henderson, All-Music Guide


"Not only does Lou have a promising future as a singer and performer, but also as a composer of beautiful songs and sensitive lyrics"
- Carlo Menotti, Voice teacher ( Bobby Darin, Tony Bennett )


"Lanza has such a great voice."
- John Flautz, Morning Call



"The road not taken is one of the best new jazz releases of March of 1995!"
- Dr. Jack Beurkle, WRTI 90.1 FM in Philadelphia



"Utterly charming...with an extraordinary comprehension of each individual song."
- Gianni Stellamonte, Intelligencer-Record



"A bright singer on the rise...shows substantial growth and maturity...hits the right notes with feeling and ease."
- Al Hunter, Philadelphia Daily News


"The next Sinatra, Bennett, Torme, and Astaire shares the same name as you."
- Thatcher Longstreth


"Queued for success with his new CD "corner pocket",...a multitalented musician who handles vocalese and scat singing with the assurance of Eddie Jefferson, Jon Hendricks, and Mel Torme."
- Bob Perkins, Philadelphia Weekly



"Nice song styling...shows a certain willingness to experiment and take risks."
- Alan Bargebuhr, Cadence Magazine



"It's the talent of young vocalists like Lanza that keeps the music going."
- Richard Grudens, "The Music Men: The Guys Who Sang With The Bands & Beyond"


"Lanza, a singer, songwriter, leader, is perhaps the most accomplished male vocalist working in this area."
- Donald True Van Deusen, allaboutjazz.com


"Exquisite taste and wonderful musicianship."
- Ron Gill, WGBH-FM DJ in Boston


"A great combination of music and vocals"
- Sandi Mayor, Bucks County Courier Times



"I don't generally like singers, but I like you: you're great!"
- Bill Watrous, Grammy Award winning Trombonist/Recording Artist



"Superb...a wonderful singer...such a great artist."
- Arnaldo Desouteiro



"Speaking of good shows at good places...the club was swarming with sophisticates and not-so-sophisticated dancers swinging to the sounds of Lou Lanza and his Orchestra"
- Margit Detweiler, Philadelphia Weekly


"A marvelous singing voice."
- Steven Lally, Bethlehem Globe-Times

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